Car Lease Comparison: Make Leasing Companies Fight For Your Business!

Car Leasing Guru exists because of car lease comparison sites. Comparison websites confuse people by showing them hundreds of different lease prices for the same vehicle. Why?

Well, one answer is convenience. Why go to 50 different websites when you can see all 50 on one page.

The problem is that everyone offers a different price for the same vehicle, so it’s very confusing knowing which price to go with.

Leasing Company vs Leasing Company

The bottom line is that you should be making MULTIPLE leasing companies fight for your business.

Car lease comparison sites try to remain as competitive as possible with each other, and the only way they do this is to research the competition like you do.

They will never call each other up to try and manipulate pricing or price fix.

Try to look at like-for-like vehicles and services between leasing companies if you can, because this will make it easier for a leasing company to compete.

Always assume that you can drive the price down, even if it looks competitive. You should still be able to get some level of discount.

Dealers and Leasing Companies

You will always find the best deals through a main dealer or huge leasing companies.

What do I mean by huge leasing company?

Think of companies such as Leaseplan or Lex Autolease. Companies that buy tens of thousands of vehicles each year, that provide their own finance. These are the companies that you will generally find the best deals on. However, they are also the companies that are unlikely to negotiate on price.

Why would they, they’re the biggest companies. They don’t need to spend time negotiating with you because someone else will be along shortly.

You are generally better off trying to negotiate with the main dealer. They have the power to change the residual value of their vehicles for the lease agreement, and they can also provide dealer servicing.

If you don’t want the hassle of comparing leasing websites, then check out our free car lease comparison tool on the homepage to see if you are receiving a fair deal! Hit “I’m Interested” and we’ll do the work for you.