Car Leasing Guru Score

Car Leaisng Guru – Score/Rank

At the heart of Car Leasing Guru is our score/ranking system. It was purpose-built to show you which vehicles offer the best overall value.

We try to be as open and honest as we can at Car Leasing Guru, and would like to share how we calculate our grades, however, without seeing the system working behind the scenes it’s quite difficult to convey how each element works individually and in combination with other systems. We will, however, try our best to describe how it all works.

Brand, specification and even design are completely eliminated from our assessments, and the score/rank is assigned to each vehicle is based entirely on how strong the headline numbers are at a given point in time, such as residual value (RV) and capital cost.

We do not single out specific monthly terms or mileages, instead, we concentrate on the entirety of a lease over multiple terms and mileages to create an overall score.

  • Every single vehicle in our system is assigned a total score based, but not limited to; the residual value and capital cost.
  • Separately, we assigned individual scores to the terms and mileage based on their proportional percentage vs their total score.
  • These elements are combined to help create a weighted average.
  • The weighted average is then converted into an overall percentage out of 100.
  • We then convert this percentage into a more meaningful, consumer-friendly number between 1 – 10.

We structure our scores this way because it combines multiple layers of depreciation, over a vast amount of vehicles, therefore making it easy for us to isolate the very best vehicles from a manufacturer. If we simplified our internal process, the majority of scores would be very similar to each other for very different vehicles.

This is a very basic breakdown of how we calculate each score, but we hope it will help you understand how our system works at a very basic level.

The Scores:

9.0 to 10:

Unbelievable – Incredible value for money. Often high spec, high list price, small monthly payments. Insane, you should definitely look into leasing one of these! Any vehicle with a 9.0 and above should be added to your shortlist.

Examples include:

  • Audi A4 Avant – 40 TFSI Black Edition 5dr S Tronic (Score: 9.1)
  • BMW 3 Series Touring – 320i M Sport Shadow Edition 5dr (Score: 9.8)
  • Kia Sportage Diesel Estate – 1.6CRDi ISG GT-Line 5dr (Score: 9.0)
  • Volvo XC60 Diesel Estate – 2.0 D4 Momentum 5dr AWD Geartronic (Score: 9.1)

8.0 to 8.9:

Great – We enthusiastically recommend any vehicle in this category. Seriously impressive value for money; add it to a watchlist and compare against a few other vehicles.

Examples include:

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Diesel Saloon – 2.2 JTDM-2 190 Speciale 4dr Auto (Score: 8.4)
  • Fiat 500 Hatchback – 1.2 Lounge 3dr (Score: 8.0)
  • Ford Focus Hatchback – 1.0 EcoBoost 125 ST-Line 5dr (Score: 8.3)
  • Nissan Qashqai Hatchback – 1.3 DiG-T N-Connecta 5dr (Score 8.9)

7.0 to 7.9:

Good – Really good value, but others are better. You may well get more for less if you find a vehicle with a score with 8.0 or above. We’d still recommend a car in this category but would advise a little more research before pushing ahead.

Examples include:

  • Audi A3 Diesel Saloon – 30 TDI 116 Sport 4dr
  • Hyundai Kona – 1.0T GDi Blue Drive Premium 5dr (Score: 7.9)
  • Lexus CT Hatchback – 200h 1.8 Takumi 5dr CVT (Score: 7.7)
  • Mercedes C Class Diesel Saloon – C220d AMG Line 4dr 9G-Tronic (Score 7.7)

6.0 to 6.9:

Okay – Much like vehicles that sit in the 7.0 to 7.9 range, there are better vehicles to pick than these ones. We’d recommend looking at other models in the range to see if you can get a better price. Oftentimes you’ll find something with more specification and actually pay less…

Examples include:

  • Hyundai I40 Saloon – 1.6 GDi Blue Drive SE Nav 4dr (Score: 6.7)
  • Jeep Wrangler Hard Top – 2.0 GME Sahara 2dr Auto8 (Score: 6.8)
  • Mazda 6 Saloon – 2.0 SE-L Nav+ 4dr (Score: 6.1)
  • Suzuki Jimny Estate – 1.5 SZ4 AllGrip 3dr (Score: 6.8)

5.0 to 5.9:

Mediocre – starting to get very uneconomical in terms of the overall leasing cost. We would advise looking at other vehicles before moving forward. Only seriously consider this vehicle if other vehicles can’t fill the gap.

Examples include:

  • Dacia Sandero Hatchback – 0.9 TCe Essential 5dr (Score: 5.3)
  • Infiniti Q50 Saloon – 3.5h Luxe 4dr Auto (Score 5.3)
  • Renault Clio Hatchback – 1.0 SCe 75 Play 5dr (Score: 5.8)
  • Vauxhall Crossland X Hatchback – 1.2 SE Nav 5dr (Score: 5.7)

0.0 to 4.9:

Bad – Just plain avoid these vehicles. These vehicles make absolutely no economic sense to lease. you would be better off spending your money elsewhere.

Examples include:

  • Fiat Qubo Estate – 1.4 8V Pop 5dr (Score: 4.9)
  • Ssangyong Tivoli Hatchback – 1.6 SE 5dr (Score: 4.9)