What is the Percentage of List: Explained

What Is The Percentage Of List: Explained The ‘percentage of list’ is the difference between the capital cost (OTR price) and the Residual Value (RV). This shows, at a glance, exactly where value is attributed as a percentage. The lower the number, the better the percentage of list. This is usually a good indication of

Car Leasing Guide: Hire Period, Mileage, Excess Mileage and Deposit

Hire Period, Mileage, Excess Mileage and Deposit Hire Period The hire period/contract term is the specific amount of time you will have the car in your possession. Generally, the hire period for contract hire, i.e. leasing, is between 24 months (2 years) to 60 months (5 years). Some companies will let you lease a vehicle

Can You Get Out Of A Car Lease Early: Answered

Can You Get Out Of A Car Lease Early Short answer – Yes, but we wouldn’t advise it. What is an early termination? An early termination is when you can no longer fulfil the obligations of the car leasing contract and wish to terminate early. “Early termination will be subject to fees” The most ambiguous

Never Talk About Your Car Leasing Budget: Explained

Never Talk About Your Car Leasing Budget Never, ever, under any circumstances tell a leasing company what you are willing to pay! In the world of car leasing, if you tell the leasing company that you are interested in a new Audi A4 and you’re willing to pay £400 per month, how happy will you

Car Leasing Guru Score

Car Leaisng Guru – Score/Rank At the heart of Car Leasing Guru is our score/ranking system. It was purpose-built to show you which vehicles offer the best overall value. We try to be as open and honest as we can at Car Leasing Guru, and would like to share how we calculate our grades, however,

Service Interval – Why It’s Important When Leasing!

Different vehicles have different service intervals. Most services are dynamic and specific to the way you drive and/or that specific vehicle. An Audi R8 will have a different service schedule to a Volkswagen Golf for example. You are generally required to take a vehicle for a service once a year, or depending on mileage. Why

Can You Lease A Used Car? – Answered

The short answer is Yes. However, it can sometimes get a little more complex depending on the age of the vehicle, how it is worded online and if the manufacturer has built more supply than there is for demand… Let’s start at the beginning. In order for a leasing company to a discount from the

How to Get A Cheaper Car Lease: Replacement Vehicle

The easiest, simplest and cheapest way to get a reduction in your contract hire rate (lease) is to ask the leasing provider to remove the replacement vehicle for you. As you’d expect, if you have an accident or if your vehicle breaks down then a replacement vehicle will be made available for you. Although in

How Leasing Companies Operate – Discounts

Leasing companies cannot operate without the discounts they get from manufacturers, FACT! There are three main ways in which a leasing company will get consistent discounts. One is through the manufacturer, the other through the dealer and the third through a third party who has access to discounted vehicles (through their existing relationships with the