Car Leasing Guru Score

Car Leaisng Guru – Score/Rank At the heart of Car Leasing Guru is our score/ranking system. It was purpose-built to show you which vehicles offer the best overall value. We try to be as open and honest as we can at Car Leasing Guru, and would like to share how we calculate our grades, however,

How Leasing Companies Operate – Discounts

Leasing companies cannot operate without the discounts they get from manufacturers, FACT! There are three main ways in which a leasing company will get consistent discounts. One is through the manufacturer, the other through the dealer and the third through a third party who has access to discounted vehicles (through their existing relationships with the

What Is Contract Hire – Explained

Contract Hire is a very specific type of finance, and as such, would always require a credit check to see if you are eligible. In essence, Contract Hire (otherwise known as leasing) allows you to get a brand new car without the hassle of long-term ownership. You’ll simply pay a monthly rental and an initial