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Tesla Model 3 Leasing Guide (2019-)

Tesla Model 3 is officially one of the best selling vehicles in the UK – So it seems fitting to put together a leasing guide to help you understand which vehicle is the best to lease.

There isn’t a great deal of Model 3’s to choose from, especially when you compare them against competitor products like the BWW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class or Audi A4.

What that does do, however, is make it a lot easier to understand their entire line-up and concentrate on other aspects like colours and whether to have things like Autopilot. So that’s what we’ve done, we’ve put together this guide to help steer you in the right direction.

We also have a chart below called Total Lease Costs if all you want to do is see how much a Tesla Model 3 will cost to lease for the entirety of a lease.

Analysis – The Best Overall Choice

We have determined that the best Tesla Model 3 to lease would be the Long Range AWD 4dr Auto, This particular model got a Car Leasing Guru score of 8.8/10. Click here to see how we score vehicles.

It has the 2nd lowest percentage of list at 2 years (27.4%),

It also has the 2nd lowest overall cost over the course of a 2-year 10,000-mile per annum lease (£14,113).

Analysis – The Best Overall Value

If you are after the best alternative Tela Model 3, one that doesn’t need to travel huge distances on a day to day basis, then our analysis has determined that the Standard Plus 4dr Auto would be the best to go for.

This model has the highest percentage of list (29.3%).

However, it also has the lowest overall total lease cost over 2 years, and 10,000 miles per annum (£12,588).

What’s the difference between these models?

The main difference between these models is the long-range capability, with the standard model having a range of 254 miles, and the long-range able to do 348. The long-range model also gets the upgraded “premium Interior”.


There are three specifications to choose from in the Tesla Model 3 range. The base model ‘Standard’ up to the ‘Performance’. The ‘Long Range’ model easily offers the best value for money when looking at the entire range.

The ‘Standard‘ model gets:

  • 254 miles of range
  • 140 mph top speed
  • 5.3 seconds (0-60 mph)
  • 12-way power-adjustable heated front seats
  • Premium seat material and trim
  • Upgraded audio – immersive sound
  • Premium Connectivity (30 days included):
  • Satellite maps with live traffic visualization
  • In-car internet streaming music and media
  • Video streaming
  • Caraoke
  • Internet browser
  • Music and media over Bluetooth®
  • Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
  • Power folding, heated side mirrors
  • Custom driver profiles
  • Center console with storage, 4 USB ports and docking for 2 smartphones

The ‘Long Range‘ model everything the Standard model gets, PLUS:

  • 348 miles of range
  • 145 mph top speed
  • 4.4 seconds (0-60 mph)
  • 12-way power-adjustable front and rear heated seats
  • Premium audio – 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound
  • Premium Connectivity (1 year included):
  • LED fog lamps
  • Interior floor mats

The ‘Performance‘ gets everything the Long Range gets, PLUS:

  • 329 miles of range
  • 162 mph top speed
  • 3.2 seconds (0-60 mph)
  • 20” Performance Wheels
  • Performance Brakes
  • Carbon fibre spoiler
  • Lowered suspension
  • Aluminium alloy pedals
  • Increased top speed from 145mph to 162mph
  • Track Mode

Total Lease Costs

We’ve only selected 3 models in this basic analysis, as those are the only ones available from Tesla at the time of writing.

Have a look at the Total Lease Cost chart below, and you’ll see exactly what you would be paying to lease a Tesla Model 3 over the course of your ownership. The numbers in the chart are the total amount you would pay over 24, 36 and 48 months if you did 10,20 or 30,000 miles per annum.

The terms and mileages are generic based on popular searches online, but if you require specific monthly pricing for your own circumstances, then please use the price guide on the homepage, and we’ll tell you what you should be paying per month.

Mileage is calculated per annum. 36m 20k = 36-month lease, with a total end mileage of 60,000.

Tesla Model 3 Lease Cost

On The Road (OTR) Price

You can see the OTR prices for the models we’ve selected below.

Tesla UK Price

Car Leasing Guru Score

Analysis – Working Example

*Based on the ‘Total Lease Cost’ graph for a 24-month lease @ 10,000 miles.

On The Road Prices

Standard Plus 4dr Auto            |  £42,990

Long Range AWD 4dr Auto     |  £51,490

Difference in on the road price | £8,500

Now, how much you would pay over a 2-year lease, doing 10,000 miles a year?…

Total Lease Costs

Standard Plus 4dr Auto              | £12,588

Long Range AWD 4dr Auto       | £14,133

The difference in total lease cost  | £1,545

Let me explain.

Tesla themselves charge an £8,500 extra to get the Long Range version model over the standard range version.

You pay a proportion of that price; £1,545 to be exact.

The perception from customers is that because a car costs £8,500 more than the standard version that you would have to pay a significant proportion of that. In this particular case, we’ve proven that isn’t the case, and you only pay a proportion of that amount.


In a nutshell, it looks like the Long Range model is a lot more desirable in the used market, and therefore commands a higher price than the standard range. This means that you pay a smaller amount over the lifetime of a lease because the “gap” between the new price and the 2nd hand price is a lot less due to the demand of the Long Range model.

This is why Car Leasing Guru exists, so we can show you exactly where to save money, and get more value. It is also why we recommend the Long Range AWD 4dr Auto overall. You get the most “bang for buck”. Is it worth getting the Long Range model for an extra £1,545 over 2 years? Our analysis says yes, but it depends on your circumstances.

Thank You!

This is just some basic analysis that will hopefully help you understand the value of a 2020 Tesla Model 3 lease a little better.

At Car Leasing Guru, we do not review vehicles, we look objectively in terms of overall value for money. Use our free pricing system on the homepage, and we’ll tell you exactly what you should be paying to lease a Tesla Model 3. We take an independent and impartial view of the market to show you what is fair.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Car Lease Comparison | Leasing Guide

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